Vivarium (2019)

This film is based on one single scene which is the third scene in the movie after that everything is in the little girl’s imagination.
Vivarium (2019) is an Ireland, Denmark and Belgium film by Lorcan Finnegan. It’s supposed to be about a couple who moves into a new kind of neighbor called Yonder. But before that we’ve been introduced to the main character Gemma, she’s a lovely school teacher. In the third scene, Gemma catches one of her students staring at two birds on the floor dead. Gemma for her role as a teacher tried to convince her, but the little girl didn’t seem to like what her teacher told her. She refused reality. Going back to the first scene we can see that same girl in the front row of Gemma students. She gives them an exercise to act like a tree. The girl’s last word before she leaves Gemma was “Horrible.” Gemma now is alone in the garden we cut to a close up on the birds than, we see a tree branch moving and someone making a sound the same of that Gemma was doing in her classroom with her students, and then a prince charming goes off the tree that apparently is Gemma’s boyfriend?
Going to Yonder where the couple got trapped and died through the film and that little boy who watches weird repetitive patterns, in this weird repetitive city. With no birds and no wind. The patterns that appeared on the TV are so similar to the shapes we can find in the brain. Another factor is when Gemma was watching the clouds and mentions their shape, we form images in the clouds through our own imagination and ability to observe but in Yonder, there’s no imagination, the clouds are the same shape. I don’t think they’re all in a type of video game or so because that would be so disappointing and boring, because honestly it wasn’t delivered that way to me.
In my opinion, this is all played in someone’s imagination. Whether it was Gemma’s or the little girl’s. Personally, it’s more convenient to be in the little girl’s imagination.

The Room (2019)

The Room is a French film by Christian Volckman Released in 2019. This film is considered a mystery, drama with a bit of horror. The beginning of the film was like any other typical horror haunted house film, which pushes some audiences away, and confuses others. The film is well-paced as its story follows the three-act structure. As in the beginning, we are introduced to the characters Matt, Kate, The Springwell house, and most importantly “The Room.” The room starts making all Matt and Kate’s dreams and wishes come true. At the very middle of the film, they start noticing the bad side of “The Room” and now they are having a conflict about the child they asked the room for and after discovering that anything this room provides once it’s out of the house starts aging and eventually turns to dust.The Room is a simple film with four main characters only and barely three locations. Same as in Coraline 2009 the film shows a parallel universe at the second half of the film, that was the only reference I could think of, I know there’re many other though. The Room represents a beautiful aspect that I’ve seen before in Oculus 2015 but not in any other film from this genre, Matt is the weak one he started the mess, he is drawn into the supernatural power and here Kate doesn’t believe him; unfortunately, not for too long, as she becomes the person to blame starting from the second part till the end of the movie. Whereas in other movies especially the ones from this genre, the woman is always to blame and the man or the husband figure is always the one away from the trouble.
As for the cinematography, it was pretty nice with no perfect symmetric frames all the time which is boring, the camera language brings the audience closer to the characters as we sympathize with their dramas and feel happy for them in their good moments, it has a perfect harmony mixed between handheld movements and scales in and out and rare stable frames. Furthermore, it lacked close-up shots that weirdly fitted the film. All I can say about the editing is that it’s smart and tight. Some scenes were’ too much of an explanation for me; like: “Okay I get it!” but also these scenes are a must for some viewers. The acting was surprisingly good, with a bit of overacting at the start but it got way better after the 3rd scene. The Room 2019 isn’t less valuable than any Hollywood thriller box office hit. It’s audience-friendly, and enjoyable. If you’re a fan of Mystery/Horror films I won’t recommend you this film, simply because it’s full of clichés. On the other hand, if you were a Cinephile or a casual filmgoer, this film is a must-watch.